TOEFL Preparation in Vancouver Canada. TOEIC Preparation in Vancouver Canada. TEFL Preparation in Vancouver Canada.

TESL at the Vancouver English Centre

The Vancouver English Centre curriculum is designed to develop English skills that can be applied in a practical way to real situations. Grammar, is taught in a communicative manner, with an emphasis on using the structures orally.

TESL Curriculum

Communicative methodology is also used for the development of Vocabulary, Idioms and Pronunciation. Teachers work with weekly themes in afternoon classes. They use various pair and group activities related to the theme, to improve students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Everyday English, such as how to ask someone for directions, is also covered in the afternoon classes.

TESL Elective Courses

Various electives are offered on a continuous basis.  Some of these include TOEFL Preparation, TOEIC Preparation, Business English, Pronunciation, Writing, and Academic Preparation.


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